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Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps

Jones Beach ● Robert Moses ● Sunken Meadow ● Heckscher ● Wildwood ● Orient Point ● Hither Hills ● Montauk Downs

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2018 New Hire

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Long Island Region Qualifying Procedure - Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps

A New Hire Procedure for the 2018 Season has been scheduled for Sunday, June 10th, 2018. Start time is 7:30am.

Location: Suffolk County Community College - Athletic Complex Pool within the Brentwood Campus. The final component will be held at the West Bathhouse, Jones Beach State Park immediately after completion of the Suffolk County Community College component. Candidates are responsible for providing their own transportation between the sites.

Depending on availability, position locations are at: Jones Beach, Robert Moses, Sunken Meadow, Heckscher, Hither Hills, Montauk Downs, Orient Beach and Wildwood State Parks.

Lifeguard Qualifying Procedure

Male candidates must wear either boxer, brief or board shorts when qualifying – no jammers. Female candidates must wear a standard one piece or two piece bathing suit.

  1. 100 Yard timed swim - Suffolk County Community College
    Applicant must finish swim in 75 seconds or less to continue.
  2. 50 Yard Cross Chest Carry - Suffolk County Community College
    25 yard swim; 25 yard applicant carries manikin in cross-chest position in 55 seconds or less.
  3. ¾ mile (1,320 yards) Timed Endurance Run – Suffolk County Community College
    Applicant must complete the ¾ mile (1,320 yards) in six minutes or less. (Sneakers recommended)
  4. Timed Ocean Swim – Jones Beach West Bathhouse Ocean Front
    Applicant must complete the approximately 350-400 yard swim on prescribed open water, run-swim-run course to continue. Stopping will result in being disqualified.

Note: All elements must be successfully completed to be considered qualified for hiring (Not necessarily performed in this order).

All candidates must provide their own transportation between SCCC and Jones Beach West Bathhouse.

Minimum Qualifications

The minimum qualifications for taking the qualifying procedure and employment as a lifeguard are:

  1. Candidates must be at least 17 years of age by the date of the test - no exceptions.
  2. Candidates must be able to successfully complete both the Lifeguard Qualifying Procedure and the lifeguard training program. All candidates must attend 40 hours of required training in pay status before they can be considered for placement as New Hire lifeguards. Basic First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer/AED with Administering Oxygen certification will be provided during training. No prior swimming certifications are necessary.
  3. All candidates participating in the Qualifying Procedure must present photo proof of age and identity prior to the swim. Please have valid government photo identification.
  4. As per Agency standard lifeguard candidates must meet vision requirements.

Immediately after successfully completing the procedure, Park assignments will be made in the West Bathhouse Pool meeting room.

After notification of successful completion, candidate must present the following documentation prior to employment (Please note that candidates will have approximately one week to submit all required documentation, and will need to make an appointment with their physician):

  1. A NYS Parks medical standards form completed by a qualified physician stating that the candidate meets the criteria listed to perform full lifeguard duties and meets acceptable standardized requirements. (Due only after candidate has received a conditional offer of employment.)
  2. An original birth certificate indicating that the candidate is at least 17 years of age (current U.S. Passport may be presented in lieu of birth certificate at the time of hiring).
  3. An original Social Security Card.
  4. Candidates who are 17 years of age must present valid working papers.
  5. All New Hire candidates must present acceptable proof of employment eligibility.
  6. All New Hire candidates must successfully complete 40 hours of lifeguard rookie training in pay status and achieve certification in Basic First Aid, CPR/AED (Professional Level) and Administering Emergency Oxygen prior to reporting to their assigned work stations.

Please note that candidates will have approximately one week to submit all required documentation and may need to make an appointment with their physician.

The Lifeguard Qualifying Procedure will be held at the Health, Sports and Education Center.


Seniority List 2017

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Seniority List 2017  -  http://jblc.net/pdf/seniority2017.pdf

Full Detail List - http://jblc.net/pdf/seniority2017_fulldetail.pdf

Draft 2017 - Saturday, June 3rd @ 6pm, WEII Concession



President Update 4/20/17

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President Angermaier, has posted the following.

After long and deliberate negotiations, the Executive Board and I are pleased to announce Ken Bohman will be filling the position of Regional Captain.
This position was selected through months of negotiations and discussions between the JBLC and local management. Work experience (seniority), and title were used to select potential candidates, interviews were held. Management and Labor worked together to create and fill a position that would be mutually beneficial to both sides, something that would not be possible to accomplish if we were not strong together as a Union. Management could have easily hired someone from outside or even internally who possessed appropriate qualifications. It could have been a repeat of what was once the WSO.

As your Union president, I fought to have one of our own in this position. Someone who not only was qualified, but most importantly, experienced. Ken has been leading officer training, overseeing the draft, and has sixteen years of Captain experience leading young lifeguards at one of the largest facilities. Captain Bohman will continue to pass the JBLC rehire qualifications and remain a part of our bargaining unit. This means that we will have increased our total compliment of guards, and more importantly, created a new Captain position.

Discipline will continue to be handled by the park managers, as it has been for several years, the only difference is our staffing, scheduling, and equipment needs and concerns will be more of a priority. I ask the JBLC membership to join the Executive Board and myself to allow and encourage Capt. Bohman to do the best for all of us. To take a step forward, and not backward, so we can continue to work the greatest job in the world!!

...Hope everyone is getting ready for another great season!!

There will be five (5) opportunities for guards to complete their re-hire qualification swim/run for 2017. The location is at Suffolk Community College, Brentwood (Grant) campus.

May 6 @10am
May 13 @ 1pm
May 18 @ 4pm
May 23 @ 3pm
May 31 @ 3pm,

2017 Lifeguard Draft, Saturday June 3rd @ 6pm, WEII Concession

New Hire Test, June 11 @ 7am, SCCC Brentwood

CPR dates and on-line sign up information will be included in your rehire packet. Classes fill up fast, so sign up early. For most guards, it is the 8 hour course with first aid and oxygen administration, however 4 hour courses will be available if you are off year.

In Solidarity,
Derek Angermaier


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