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Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps

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1929 forward

discussed at first meeting: 1929 there were 18 original lifeguards employed.. 1930 there were 35.. 1931 there were 65.. There are approximately 3000 total lifeguards ever employed since 1929. Freedom of information act was denied. Babylon can verify on as needed basis. Jim Rooney has been doing historical searches. We may have a pre-mega reunion this summer then try the Mega Reunion in 2010..
Discussion started by Administrator , on 28 November 12:49 pm
mike_d, 2008-11-29 00:19:20
12 guards from June to July 1929 and 18 total as the East Bath was opened on August 4th, 1929 and operated through September. Stock market hit that October and the 1930 season they had 35 lifeguards. The Zachs bay complex opened in 1930 along with the marine stadium which was a big wooden grandstand complex with High Dive boards, Stage, and swimming area. In 1931 they opened the West Bathhouse pool and ocean complex on July 2nd, and the Central Mall area was opened in late August of 1931. The #'s they had listed were 65 lifeguards 15 of them were petty officers covering about 5 fields, Zachs Bay, East Bath, Central Mall, West Bath ocean and West Bath pool.. By 1934 there were 2 more fields added, West Overlook which was a small lot located where Field #2 is now, and East Overlook which was also known as Field #9. Field #9 was washed away several times due to hurricanes, but it was lost forever after the 1974 season. That winter the parking lot was lost and the closed it and moved the crew to West End 2 overlook or WEBO which lasted till about 1982. Other fields added were Field #6 in about 1947, and Field #1 in about 1948. West End #1 was added in about 1959, and the crew was started in about 1957 as Field #1 overlook or Field #0. West End Two opened about 1960, so you can sort of estimate the #'s based on that info. I think I read about 90 lifeguards in 1948 and probably 125 lifeguards by 1954. Regards; Rooney Other dates I know of and #'s are 260 lifeguards during the 1970 season, and you also have the 150 SCABS they hired during the Strike in 1971, Do we count those? Or only the ones who stayed?
Administrator, 2008-11-28 12:49:52
Fellow committee members; I was thinking about last nights meeting as I drove into work this morning. We have the 2006 directory and I would think that is the most up to date contact info we have. I think we've been collecting each fields current 2008 info. Our first order of business should be to update that info. I know Dennis and Tommy Donovan have been asking for it, but lets get that done. We'll have the totally updated list and a starting point. After we update that list, we will have the 2008 info as complete as possible. Can we cross-referance it to Rob Cornatchia's list from the Water Safety Office? The list of 1,375 names would then be paired down to the ones we are missing. We can then look through those past directories and see if we have these people in there. We can then add those names and contact info. We can also search for contact info on lifeguards we've identified but have no contact info for. I think by working on updating the current directory starting with the 2006 and adding the 2008 we'll do that job, (and get it completed for JBLC) and have the most updated starting point to begin our search for the REST! By cross referancing to Rob's list of 1,375 we'll eliminate the ones we allready have and add the others. We can then see where we're AT and begin comparing the older directories to see anyone we missed. I have alot of older alumni e-mails so I can begin reaching out for the other lists that way too. Regards; James Rooney

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