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Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps

Jones Beach ● Robert Moses ● Sunken Meadow ● Heckscher ● Wildwood ● Orient Point ● Hither Hills ● Montauk Downs

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Rally May 2nd

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Send a message to Governor Patterson.

Join our rally. Saturday, May 2nd 2009

Central Mall Boardwalk
Jones Beach  Parking Field 4
1pm - 4pm

Our Beaches  ♥  Our Shores  ♥  Our Long Island

Sponsored by New York State United Teachers,United University Professionals
and the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps

President- Tom Donovan
1st Vice President- Bruce Meriowitz
2nd Vice President- Dennis Kane
Recording Secretary- Don Campbell
JB Trustee- Cary Epstein
RM Trustee- Jim Dirico
East End Trustee- Nick Athenas
Treasurer- Rob Corrnachia
Trustee At Large- Matt Lindbom

NYS Retirement Tier 4 last chance

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NYS Retirement
I want
to reinforce and add to Cary's message below how important this is and you can sign up using these forms:
Article 15 Membership Registration RS 5420
Supplemental Statement of Services RS 5042-I
the second pdf is the "buy back" of your years, always send everything ceritifed, return receipt and you should receive a confirmation letter for everything you send to the State.

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to give some of you the heads up on piece of the rehire paperwork. There is a NYS retirement form asking if you are a member of the NYS retirement system and if not, if you want to join. I just want to point out this very important piece of information. You CAN join the NYS retirement system now as a lifeguard and eventually if you become a teacher or work in any civil service job, buy back the time.

If you do this now you will be placed in what they call Tier 4. This will mean you only have to pay 3 % back to the state for 10 years. If you do not join the retirement system now, after this Summer they will be creating Tier 5 which means you will have to pay 3% for 30 years! If you are planning to teach or have any other civil service job and have not already joined the NYS retirement system....DO IT NOW!

Just some words of advice... Cary

Calendar update 2009

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Spring is here and we are only 8 weeks away until the opening of the season! I know I am super excited..and I'm sure you are too! Just wanted to let everyone know that rehire papers have been reviewed by the Exec Board and were stamped for approval to be sent out this week.The lifeguard websites have been updated, http://jblifeguard.org & http://jblc.net with all the important dates and information. Check the scrolling text box on the home page or just click on the Calendar link. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please talk ot your Beach Reps or any Executive Board member. Train hard and get ready for another amazing summer comin up before you know it!      Pray for surf, and lots of awesome rescues!!! :-)   Cary


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