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I Will No Longer be a Lemming
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Post I Will No Longer be a Lemming Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:02 pm
For those of you who do not know, a Lemming is an animal of North America (primarily Canada). This animal is prewired to walk west for its entire life. A lemming follows all the others down a path they have never seen before until they reach water (this is where it gets interesting). A lemming can not swim. When they get near water they do not stop but rather continue on right off into the water and to their ultimate demise of a watery death. People may debate the facts of lemming life , that is fine but the moral here is that in a way we have all become lemmings. Just a side note. A novel "The Lemming Condition " is a popular novel for readers at the 5th grade level and I as a teacher have used it to teach students the importance to not always follow the crowd or always do things just because that is the way they have always been done.

We have followed along as some have lead us down a path we no longer want to be on. We placed our trust in some to do right by all of us and represent the corp as a whole. A select few have used the power of their elected position to further their own agendas. Some of which include frivilous lawsuits. Come on "Age Discrimination" the state wins with four words "We Employ Reggie Jones". I quote that because those are not my own words. These same people have who have preached that we must decertify, a process that I do not disagree with, Have failed to tell all of our members the full extent of what that means.

Our current executive board as a whole has done a poor job in the handling of the affairs of the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps. they ahve taken us to the water and we do not know how to swim and said to all of us jump in the water is fine. It is now up to all of our members to put an end to the years of disservice that these men have done to you and I. Please, I urge all of you who read this, elect somebody who you feel will represent the corps. as a whole not just old drinking buddies or someone who has covered your ass in the past. The old boys club politics has not worked in Washington D.C. and it sure as hell not working here. This organization is so screwed up, which so many of you do not even know, that it is going to take years to right the ship.

We need some new faces to lead. Not make shady deals. If your old board knew anything as lawyers should they would know that you always get things in writing. Half of the so called deals they claim to have made with the state they claim are gentlemens agreements. Those things are great on the street and amongst friends but when it comes to paying the piper they get you nothing as you can sure see here. Every state official and Politician we have spoken to said we deserve a raise for the work we do but we can't get it because of the decert. and our fearless self-appointed leader Roy Lester has burned every bridge in the Tri-State area. Think about that when you vote. I'll be at the meeting today asking the tough questions, will you?
Post Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:18 am
I was sorry to see you had to leave before the petitions were read, but you've made your point very well. There was much debate on the filling of unpetitioned spots, and the end result was;

President; Tom Donovan RM2 unnopposed

1st VP; Bruce Mierowitz RM5 unnopposed: as Rob Cornachia Fld 1 dropped out of running

2nd VP; Dennis Kane RM5 vs Brian McDonald Fld 6

secretary; Donnie Campbell Fld 6

treasurer; No one petitioned it

Trustee at Large; No one petitioned it

RM trustee; Jim Dirico RM2 unnoposed

JB trustee; Cary Epstein CM vs Matt Lindbom WBHO

East End trustee; Nick Athenas Heckschur

As was stated at the meeting and voted on by the Stewards the Elections are closed, I was the one steward who voted against as I thought it would be in our best interests to solicit participation of more of the younger guards. As Steve Casey stated so well, this is an old boys network and whatever positions aren't filled the President will fill as he always has.

I'm assuming whoever loses the two elections will be put in the two open spots (unless the president feels Bob Adler or Steve Levy have stronger "Skill Sets"), so the Executive Board is filled. We'll now see what Roy Lester puts out to the masses in his next Bucket & Bouy. A good point is Steve Levy, Bob Adler and Roy Lester are out, but a bad point is the leaders are still not involving the bulk of the members, and the Lemmings are still waiting to be told where to march.

Bruce made a great point to Santiago, and will let him communicate directly to the NYSUT Gods. I think they are hoping to find a new convert to lead the Lemmings to Water. Maybe the Lemmings will learn to surf, and he can provide lifesaving surfboards, but somehow I think that won't happen.

Time will tell, and PERB will decide, or it will drag through the courts like Eddie Peters vs Lou Polumbo did, did anyone hear the results of the Rob Kaefer trial?
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