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Post the ZAGAT Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:33 am
Now that the summer appears to be "finally" over...

I've had the privilege to attend some fun parties this past season (and crash a few, hee hee :)). It was amazing and unusual that there were very few conflicting dates. I thought it would be nice to compile some of the highlights, ala zagat style...Its unfortunate we don't have a regular place like back in the days of Wednesdays at Malibu / OBI or Sunday nights at the Scuttlebutt. Classic unforgettable experiences that were so great they are just in-describable... Boy do I miss those times... Currently, one of the original kings of Malibu, Keith Washington (CM) is attempting to start a great Lifeguard nite at the Crazy Donkey in Melville on RTE 110.

The following is a work in progress and if anyone has anything to add or correct please e-mail me at:
Lieberfarb Retirement Party @ Peters - June 23
Location: House in Syosset
Food: catered
Attendance: 50-70 ..bathrooms: 2
parking: street parking OK
Drinks: good selection / coolers / wine
summary: Very nice place, backyard a little cramped for this size party but very nice attention to detail with deck, pond, shed, jacuzzi - Layout expands when lower rec room is opened from the bottom deck. Good tasty selection of catered food. Absolute best collection of seahorses I have ever seen.

Joe Clerci - Annual Tiki Party - Seaford - July 14
Location: House in Seaford
Food: homemade cooking - amazing
attendance: 50-70 ..bathrooms: 1
parking: street OK but could be a far walk if you get there late
Drinks: great selection / coolers / Daiquiri Machine! / Full Bar
summary: In the past few years this has become the party to beat, each year it gets better. The custom built tiki bar is like no other and attention to detail is great. Highlight: comercial slushi machine retrofitted to make the best daiquiris of the party of the year 2006. Big deck with Jacuzzi leads to manicured back-yard with lights and beer-pong. Custom built gazebo swings at the bottom of deck is cool. This years highlight was the striped bass, melted in your mouth. Another amazing selection of desserts also. Famous Custom baked cookies.

Mall Rookie Nite - "CARYoke style" - July 20
Location: Strobel's on the Water
Food: catered, very good
attendance: 60-80 ..bathrooms: 2
parking: street OK but could be a far walk if you get there late
Drinks: Custom Made MALL boat with Kegs, coolers, hard liquor,
summary/highlights: unique location on the water at end of block (hurricane zone), amazing views from high deck, good size backyard. This was probably the most choreographed "rookie" party I have ever witnessed. Mall had 10 rookies this year. The karaoke hosted by Cary Epstein was very enjoyable and entertaining - all the rookies sang in their wrappers. Each rookie received a custom bright yellow shirt with the JB Logo and the word "Rookie" underneath. Typical dorm shenanigans participated by all, funnels, upside down drinking, wrestling, etc.

Jill Friedman - "party of the decade" - July xx
Location: House in LB
food: homemade cooking.. Pulled pork excellent
Drinks: OK selection
attendance: 50 at peak ..bathrooms: 1
parking: street a little tight - far walk depending on availability
summary: Nice apartment just before lb ave, side alley to small backyard a little cramped for parties larger than 20. Started off a little slow with more non-lg's until 10, then F6 showed for 1 hour and split. Unique Party favors included shot glasses with custom sticker, seahorse. Nice touch with some vintage Womens LG Tourney on the video.

RM 5 Rookie Nite - Chris Rogers - July 28
Location: Massapequa Mansion
food: catered - premium
drinks: all kinds with a bar
parking: over sized street not too bad
Attendance: 70-100 ..bathrooms: 2
Summary: High End house built for partying - Rock-Star Style. Kinda un-assuming from the front, but you walk through the slip-stream and you enter into a huge, gorgeous back-yard complete with in-ground pool, jacuzzi, custom deck, bar-house, large gazebo, tent. The grounds are manicured and sectioned into drinking/pool area, then the back grass area is where the food was setup in the gazebo with the tent eating area.

Dick Neagle Retirement Party - A Lifeguard and a Gentleman - July 31
Location: Corner Galley Massapequa
food: restaurant 3 course served meat or fish plate
attendance: 50-70 cost: $25
Parking: behind restaurant and in neighborhood
Drinks: Full Bar & Pitchers
Summary: Nice surprise send off for Captain Dick Neagle - he was presented with a beautiful plaque and he gave a speech.

Secret 2nd Clerici Party - for JR. - Aug 4
Location: House Seaford
Parking: street OK but late arrivals may have to walk a block
Attendance: 60-100 ..Bathrooms: 2 (1 porta pottie)
Drinks: Full selection
Food: Catered
Summary: this one was almost better than the first! fully catered in the backyard with a Reggae band! twice as many people probably because all the college kids were invited along with the lifeguards.

Wayne Rottkamp's Party - Aug 11
Location: 2 Houses Bellmore
Parking: street OK but late arrivals may have to walk a block
Attendance: 60-100 ..Bathrooms: 2
Drinks: coolers, wine some mixed drinks
Food: Catered
Summary: Cool location on corner of street. Nice sized backyards with tent, 2nd house was playground for the kids with blow up jumping castle, pool and cotton candy. Live Reggae band and great buffet with dessert.

Field 1 Closing Party - Aug 12
Location: The Treehouse Sports Cafe, Merrick
Attendance: 50-70
parking: good corner location
food: Cooked at Bar Kitchen
drinks: full bar
summary: Hosted by Treasurer Cornatch, first year being held off site but turned out awesome. Food was very good, buffet style with a table for the kids (chicken nuggets, chicken stix, steak stix, Swedish meatballs and more) . Decorations included surfboards, lit up palm trees, Pirate flag, Lieut. Service Plaque. Highlight was the inauguration of new union President Tom Donovan with speech from Cornatch.

first Double-Header Aug 17

JB-RM Annual Golf Outing & Party - Aug 17
location: Lido golf and country club
Attendance: 25 F1 and WBHO
Food: clubhouse catered
summary: Hosted by Cornatch and Hamill - This year they decided to have it outdoors under a big tent instead of in the club-house - it poured out so hard I thought the tent was going to collapse. The burgers were being cooked outside in the down-pour. It was definitely an experience. Cornatch had speech and raffle giving away goodies. Unbelievable Hole in one during the putt competition by (I forgot)... Largest ribs I've ever seen in my life - they are like from a flintsontes cartoon!

RM2 - Rookie Nite @ Brodi's House - Bellmore - Aug 17
Parking: Street could be tuff if late - near bar area
Drinks: Great selection beers & Keg
Food: combo Catered & Home Cooked
Attendance: 50-70 ..Bathrooms: 1
Summary: Almost a rain-out but turned out to be a beautiful evening. scrumptious crab legs - nicely organized by sue demo

Race Party 2007 - Aug 18
Parking: Employee Lot and F6 - easy
Location: EBHP deck
Attendance: 100
Food: Catered Drinks: Soda, Water
Summary: No Alcohol made this party end quick but the food was the best ever at the races I can remember: Sausage and Peppers and Chicken Francse. Unexpected end of the night full-tilt tray spill by john was great comic relief.

JB F2 end of season party - Aug 19
location: e buffet huntington
attendance: 35
food: commercial buffet
parking: ok in lot
highlight: speeches by capt liet ben and adam: unexpected courtesy $300 extra thrown in by joe, charlie and ben

Reggie Jones 80th B-Day - Aug 30
location: Pt. Lookout pub on the water
Food: Catered
Drinks: Full Bar
Attendance: 50
parking: none when I got there - parked 1/4 mile away
Summary: highlights: reggie on the mic telling jokes, bagpipes and irish dancers... excellent food, lots of fruit catered, cake and dessert buffet style, tent, very nice water view from back patio - reggie jb history display setup on back deck.

Steve Casey's - Sept 1
location: nice backyard with tent
Food: catered Bathrooms: 1
Attendance: 50-70 rm2 we2 f1
parking: ok wide street residential
Summary: Amazing eggplant and magic cookies, buffet style with fruit. Jones Beach Boys playing inside living room courtesy of Tom Kholer

Josh & Melissa end of year - Sept 2
Attendance: 30-50 F2 and WBHO
Location: seaford near the water
Food: BYOF Drinks: coolers
attend: 30-50
summary: Signature deep fry was crankin' as usual. Bring your own food created a nice selection. always has good activities like beer pong but was missing the horseshoes from last year... new deck

Rosetti Marines send off - Sept 15
location: Lindenhurst on the water
attendance: 40-60 mostly we2 & family
parking: street a little narrow
locat: nice backyard on the water, upper deck and tent area, delicious pulled park, coffee, benedetto custom cake, all signed captain America comic book.

Mets Union Fundraiser - Sept 25
Location: Shea Stadium Special Parking Lot on the Water
Attendance: 100+
Food: Field 1 Weber Grill
Drinks: Coolers with plenty of beers
Summary: Incredible tail-gate turn out, like showing up for the re-hire. Lot location was amazing, easy to get to, lots of space, water view and beautiful sunset. Record # of burgers, dogs, sausages cooked with original Field 1 Grill. Highlight was the Raffle Cornatch put on giving a great speech and giving away great stuff. 158 tickets were sold and the walk from the lot to the stadium was not too bad. Unique lot location was great because not too much traffic leaving, not crowded like the main lots. After game tailgate continued until midnight 30 with wiffleball!

Lindbom "bomber" party
didn't attend - please e-mail me with details
Josh Mid Summer Party
didn't attend - please e-mail details..
F6 Paul Franco Send-off at Jones Beach Hotel
didn't attend - please e-mail details...
F6 Rookie Party
didn't attend - please e-mail details...
Raf-A-Que - mostly RM2
didn't attend - please e-mail details...
Post Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 6:49 am
Great list. Maybe some of these will repeat next year. We could create a Jones Beach social calendar online! Thanks for copiling this;)
Post zagat continued Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:44 am
Thanks Adam! here's another...
Halloween Party at Eberhardts' - October 27
Location: House in LB
parking: nothing on the block but you could find something on the ave
drinks: spiked punch bowl, byob, keg
attendance: 40-50 bathrooms: 1
Annual Costume party is always a blast with half lifeguards and half fire dept. Weather was OK but after 10 it got a bit chilly - we were allowed inside the house which was nice - Football and World Series on the tv. Annual picture in front on the street is a nice unique tradition which attracted police this year but swiftly smoothed over. Speech by Eberhardt as well as coordinating the 50/50 raffle. Punch bowl tradition continued and the classic vikings won the competition (when sokol wasn't loosing his horns in the ceiling fan!). Some other notables were the Indian, Pumpkin Head Ghost, Fairy, Dracula, Pirate.... nice job. I wonder what's in that Box ! :twisted:









Post What's in the box? Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:37 pm
Send me a picture of the contents of the box with the lid off, and I'll put in the Bucket and Buoy.
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