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Seniority rules questions
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Post Seniority rules questions Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:47 pm
Tom Donovan
At the December Beach Representative meeting our seniority "rules" were discussed. The rules are the basic guidelines we follow when the lifeguard draft occurs each year. The rules have been modified over time and some of the rules seem to run counter to the basic premise of seniority.

Two major area's have been questioned, and we need your input.

The area's in question are:
1. Pre draft in-house changes in status.
2. No Bumping.

1. The pre-draft in-house rule allows a lifeguard with at least 5 years overall seniority to change status prior to the draft, and if a spot at their facility is available they may take it. Examples would be a part-timer going full-time or a full-timer going part-time, and taking an available spot.

Positive: This allows lifeguards to remain at the field where they currently work. Generally lifeguards tend to stay at a field for many years, and this is helpful for those who may have jobs that only allow weekends off.

Negative: It bypasses the draft and the spot becomes unavailable to the rest of the corps.
This rule has recently become an issue as there are more lifeguards seeking part-time positions, and it has effectively prevented any part-timer from transferring to any other beach. This rule does run counter to the basic premise of seniority as it puts the field at a higher position than the whole corps.

2. No Bumping. This means that a lifeguard with more seniority cannot take a position that is already filled.

Positive: Job security at a beach is ensured, as long as that facility is open.

Negative: When all facilities are open this has never been a problem. In the past if a beach or pool were closed there were usually enough places for lifeguards to opt for.
Last year we had three facilities close. It became evident that some lifeguards could lose their jobs, based on where they worked, not by their seniority.

The issue boils down to, if there are more lifeguards than positions who gets laid off? The lifeguard at the closed beach, or the least senior lifeguard? A second part of this question is that if the lowest person is laid off, must the senior lifeguard whose beach was closed take a job at Montauk Downs, Orient or Wildwood?

It would seem that to have a real seniority system, triggers such as lay-offs would allow for bumping.

We have requested that Dave Spence and the Seniority Committee review the rules and see which rules might need to be modified to achieve a system truly based on Seniority. One that would protect each lifeguards position but at the same time address the rights of those that might be laid off.

One last issue that needs to be addressed is that if you, through your beach representatives, choose to modify the rules, do we:

1. Vote for changes prior to this years draft, via mail?
2. Vote during the summer?

Voting during the off season would decide the issue prior to the draft but would be costly and limit discussion of the issues. Waiting until after the beach opens would be the traditional method, and would allow for in-depth debate of the issues. This would also mean any changes would not go into effect until the following year.

Please keep in mind that changes that we vote for would still need to be presented and accepted by management.

I ask that each lifeguard please contact your beach representative or Executive Board member with your thoughts on these issues. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 13th. It would be good to contact your representative prior to that meeting.

Yours in Solidarity,

Tom Donovan
President, Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps
Post Re: Seniority rules questions Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:57 pm
RULE #1 is fine...RULE # 2 Should be changed so that bumping is allowed aNd this should be voted on ASAP before the 2010 draft!!
Post Re: Seniority rules questions Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:06 pm
Ryan Clark
If we are going to allow bumping, then why even have a draft. When you get into a spot, that position should be yours unless it was a medical leave, or a spot freed up by a voluntary leave. For years the draft system has worked based on seniority and open positions on the board. If we allow random bumping to take place who knows what kind of shady deals are going to happen and how the coordinators are going to try and manipulate the bumping to get their friends into better positions.
Post Re: Seniority rules questions Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:55 pm
James Rooney
Thanks for reading and commenting. From what I gathered from the BRA meeting the issues are going to be presented to the membership. Alot of discussion took place from the Seniority Committee. Frank Salino, Dave Spence, and Matt Lindbom had met and discussed the current rules and the proposed changes.

It seems there was still some confusion over the last time we had votes and changed the Seniority Rules we operate under. This concerned using seniority to determine who gets to work for Pre-season (Memorial Day till full opening) and who gets to work Post-season ( Labor Day till the END!)

Another little Point of Interest.........We only use seniority because the Water Safety Office allows it, and Chip Gorman has gone along with it too. It's sort of a honor system....but from what I could see Management has the right to staff any way they see fit.

I think we ended the issue by giving Tony Battisti the task of putting the proposed changes into language that is clear and doesn't favor any one Vote. Let the membership decide!
Post Re: Seniority rules questions Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:55 pm
James Rooney
Hey Tony word yet on those RULES #1 or #2.........The Redraft and Bumping discussions go on but get your VIEWS back to your BRA reps As per the latest B&B!
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