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Jones Beach Tower
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Post Jones Beach Tower Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:56 pm
I received this text from one of the Jones Beach Life Guards. I hope that it's a hoax as I have not seen anything about it in any newspapers. If it's true Robert Moses is rolling over in his grave !!!

> Site Of Jones Beach Water Tower To Occupied By Rose
> Garden.
> The Jones Beach Water Tower, currently
> being dismantled, will be sent by barge to a landfill in
> Virginia (except for the now green copper peak, which will
> be on display at Eisenhower park beginning summer
> 2010). The New York State Dept. Of Public
> Works has deemed the iconic Long Island landmark too costly
> to repair and refurbish. Erected in 1929,
> the 200-
> ft tall tower’s tank supplied clean water to the 6-mile
> long State Park’s restroom facilities, restaurants, and
> many drinking fountains. In 1978,
> the tower ceased operation as a new water supply system had
> finished being installed. The new system
> provides the park with fresh water tapped directly from Long
> Island’s vast underground aquifers.
> The famous landmark was, since that time,
> a non-functional structure. It served as an
> unofficial visual reference point for pilots bound for local
> airports (
> JFK, MacArthur, and Republic). The nearly
> identical tower, 13 miles east at Robert Moses State Park,
> will now take on that role.
> Officials originally planned on a total
> refurbishment of the tower and allotted a total of $2.3
> million for the project. As the renovation
> got underway in mid August, it became clear that the years
> of exposure to the elements, and neglect, had taken a toll
> that nobody had anticipated. Deep cracks
> found in the façade as well as the 80 year-old foundation
> was enough for planners to scrap the restoration plans and
> tear the tower down altogether. Official
> say repairs at this point would have required at least $10
> million, money that cash-strapped Nassau County just
> doesn’t have. Although Jones Beach is a
> state park, the counties in which they lie are responsible
> for maintenance.
> The traffic circle that was home to the
> tower for so many years will become a rose garden this
> spring.
Post Re: Jones Beach Tower Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:21 pm
Chip Gorman told us last night that this story is a complete hoax. Disregard it and go watch the World Series...
Post Re: Jones Beach Tower Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:07 pm
Thanks Dennis for responding. I'll sleep better tonight.
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