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we are lost...
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Post we are lost... Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 3:53 pm
you be the judge...i just spoke with tim forsyth...
he has never spoken with roy who is lying tim or roy...doesnt matter...

mr. forsyth did state...after every summer year the lifeguards get an amount of money not to be given out as cash for guards but if they need new equipment...or as tim mentioned , maybe use the money for the next years cpr...either way he stated it is tuff to get lifeguards from upstate to show up at a JBLC in point he has never seen any money...

is he lying...he could be...could i be nuts...i could be...but i will keep asking these questions until i have someone better answer them quick...

the questions will only get more difficult...

mr.forsyth...not only represents the JBLC but all the state lifeguards...he gets one vote...
he is an ex-navy man, a lawyer(realestate) a part time state lifeguard and a lt. for the city of ny lifeguards...
Post Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 2:26 pm

I spoke with Tim last fall, and I know as a group we contacted NYSCOPBA for a request for the Special Sector Funding money's. Items to use money for:

1) Winter party

2) Union history

3) Website

These were the $$$'s we were requesting;

It took me 2 months but I recieved Roy Lesters request which was for money for t-shirts and party we had after the 2006 races. I had thought those $$'s were paid for by Bob Cornachia and Marv Levison? Last summer we had T-shirt Gate, I just got the t-shirts out to my field and I heard the West Bath pool guards never got t-shirts.

When it comes to believing Roy Lester I feel his word really isn't very good, but I guess we can judge by his record. I heard Bruce Mierowitz had been trying to reach Tim Forsythe, and so had Bob Adler. Did Tim mention either of those two contacting him?

Keep asking the tough questions, and communicating the answers here at Free-JBLC. I haven't seen anything on Cary Epsteins site JBLIFEGUARD.ORG. How did Cary and the boys do at the USLA regionals?
Post Tim Forsythe Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 11:55 pm

Hate to tell this fact but I personally paged Tim this week and he gave me the same info he gave Santiago.

After I paged him it was no more than a half an hour before he called me back. I have his pager number for those finding it soooo hard to get in touch with him but I just can't believe that they failed to contact him as we found it quite simple and he was more than willing to answer any of our questions.
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