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Post Message from the President Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:05 am
Tom Donovan
Fellow Lifeguards,
On Monday, June 2nd the JBLC was informed of the parks decision to close West End II, convert RM 3 to a weekend-only beach and to keep RM 4 intact as a full-time facility.
Some of their reason given when asked why were:
1. Money savings
2. Relieve over crowding of the eroded beach at RM 5
Staffing and facility operations is solely decided by the Long Island State Park Commission.
The original beach representative meeting and draft was postponed at my request to allow us time to deal with specific procedural, protocol and possible problems that will arise at this very unusual draft. Lifeguards who participate in this unusual draft will pick positions by strict seniority.
Many questions were raised and the WSO have outlined some of the specifics affecting this draft. This is directly from the WSO:
Officers will pick where they want to work weekdays - (in rank order) - 2 at RM 4, 2 at RM 2, 1 at RM 5.
Regarding the extra BSN - Greg Smith is the low BSN - he will NOT be demotated
He will move in the first open BSN spot at Robert Moses - if none open up he will stay until one does.
if one opens up at lets say RM 2 - every BSN in title above him will have the opportininty to fill it, if it does not fill by his pick number, he will become permanent at that location.
if a BSN from RM above him from RM takes it - He will fill the vacancy that was created by that move.
Part-timers that can not work weekends - will have to move in the draft to a full time beach.
Lifeguards that are on Medical or Leaves - will fill any open spots prior to the draft the following year. if non are availbe we will keep them as an extra until one opens up. We will keep them at RM.
We know additional questions exist. Send your questions to or reply to me. They will be answered before the beach representative meeting to be held at the West End Boat Basin, Thursday June 12th at 7 o'clock.
At this meeting we will have a discussion about the draft and conduct a normal shop stewards meeting. The draft will be held on Saturday, June 14th at 6 o'clock at the West End II veranda/concession.
These are difficult times and not the first time. Things have been extremely hectic because we just received this information 2 days ago. We need to work through these questions so that we can run an orderly draft. Nobody is happy but we will prevail.
Robert Cornacchia
President - Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps.
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