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Post Message from the President Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:46 pm
A message from Tom Donovon JB Lifeguard President:

Greetings, I hope all is well with everyone.

I know that everyone is a bit anxious about news regarding the Post-Sandy status of the parks and beaches. Some of your Executive Board met with Chip Gorman and Joann Wright last week to discuss this matter.

Parks is planning on opening all fields and the pool at West Bath House for 2013.

Contracts have been signed and work will start very soon on many of the large projects with an end date (to insure FEMA money) of the end of April.

The Air Show is already in the works and lifeguards will be working.

Test dates have been chosen, and the pool and track will again be at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood.

The boarkwalk at Robert Moses 5 will be shorted on both the eastern and western ends. All lifeguard shacks at all fields are being assessed as to damage and future rebuilding. Each field and shack are unique and some shacks are considered historic, and those are considerations Parks will take into account. This summer may mean temporary shacks at some of our fields, but a permanent solution will happen.

Robert Moses Park is not projected to open to the public until all the work in completed, which may be well into the spring.

Sand will be pumped from Fire Island Inlet both west towards the Town Beaches of Gilgo and Tobay, as well as east to Robert Moses. The traffic circle at RM will be repaired as well as Ocean Parkway eastbound.

All lifeguards are expected to be rehired this summer. Programs such as our Voluntary Leave of Absence is expected to continue. The Medical Leave Program will continue.

All the Parks on LI have suffered massive infrastructure problems that will take funding from Albany and time to complete full restoration. Electric, plumbing, sewers, ect. were all totally compromised at many of our parks.

These costs and issues have no relationship whatsoever to our long standing goal of a fair compensation package with New York State. Our negotiations with NYS are continuing and we all hope to see and end to this issue soon.

That's the update for now. Everyone is always invited to attend our monthly beach representative meetings where issues such as these are discussed.

Enjoy this warm winter and I hope to see everyone at the re-hire test.

Tom Donovan
631 804-3672
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