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8 - 5 - 2007
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Post 8 - 5 - 2007 Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:36 pm
B & B 8-05-07 (click here)

post a reply to discuss this week's B & B....
Post Letter to the Editor Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 5:13 pm
Ryan Clark , former Boatswain of Zachs Bay, attempted to stand up for the union agreement worked out with the state regarding hour up and hour down. Whether you agree with his position or not he deserved to be represented by a shop steward who was not his own captain who had brought charges against him for requesting that the union contract be adhered to.

A shop steward wearing 2 hats is not in the unions or the members best interest. The issue of union officials who are also officers in charge of disciplining their fellow union brothers and sisters is obviously wrong. In the past there had never been a violation of a contractual agreement that came up in a discipline situation. Now that it has it is necessary for the Executive Board to accept their responsibility as the elected leaders of the union and make whatever changes that are necessary to see that this travesty of justice does not happen again.

If that means that no union official can also hold a title in which he or she determines discipline for an infraction by another employee then that change needs to be instituted quickly.

Furthermore, it is essential that the new executive board investigate what happened to Ryan Clark and do all in their power to correct the wrong done to him by some Captains and the Administration. If they determine that the Captain at Zachs Bay was scheduling lgs. to work regularly on any of their time down when it was not just an occasional situation or an emergency situation then they should advise the Captain involved that this is in violation of our agreement and past practice and to desist from doing this in the future.

A petition has been signed by many of the Zachs Bay lgs. asking for an opportunity to choose a Shop Steward who is not also their Captain. This petition should be addressed by the Executive Board and the Shop Stewards and prompt consideration and action taken regarding it.

Jay Lieberfarb
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