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5 - 19 - 2007
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Post 5 - 19 - 2007 Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 10:53 pm
B & B 5-19-07 (click here)

post a reply to discuss this week's B & B....
Post Bucket and Buoy Exercise Article Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 1:17 pm
I enjoyed the articles on exercise from the Journal Of Strength and Conditioning. I read that journal and, it is highly respected in the Exercise Physiology world. Be careful of the protein shake part. Artificial shakes and powders were not the point. Natural sources of protein suffcie as well. Also, within the first hour after exercise, ingesting 100 calories of carbohydrate is essential to relplacing lost muscle glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrate energy within muscles and the liver. The carbohydrate also has a protein sparing effect, which means the protein can be used for structural purposes --- building muscle. My advice -- stay away from protein powder, shakes. They are anexpensive, waste of money, and they don't do anything that a banana and milk can not. Every single exercise physiology professor I had in college disputed all claims of sports supplements, and demonstrated how a person should get nearly all nutrients from food sources. One exception - small female endurance athletes who simply can't physically eat the large amount of calories and nutrients they need each day.

Also, beware of the 5K article. The study is conducted with elite level collegiate athletes who are very conditioned. AND FULLY WARMED UP. Also the percentage of increased speed was very small for the first mile. Going out fast in a race as long as a 5K is only advised for athletes who train sets, not just run 5 miles to train, for example. These athletes run various distances at various speeds in different workouts. They feel the difference between a 5:00 pace and a 5:05 pace without a watch. It is engraved in their brains. What I would recommend from this article is that there is an optimal race startegy for each individual. If you want to be successfull at any level is to practice various workouts and paces. Don't just "go for a run" or swim.
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