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Do we remove ''The Note''?
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Post Do we remove ''The Note''? Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:34 pm
James Rooney
Hey this one is a new one for me?

I've never heard of "The Note", but I guess it's the same as the HOME-BOY or In house transfer rule. I've read the Tony Battisti explanation where it's going to a full membership vote. I've also read the BADLER response, and now I'm reading the Bucket & Bouy and finding it might be changed at the next BRA bro's?

Other questions being posed to the membership;

1) Do we remove "The Note"?

2) Do we add the Seniority Rules to the Constitution?

3) Do we keep the "Displaced Draft"?

Sounds like we all need a bit more discussion and debate, hopefully ALL of these ISSUES will get people discussing things here in the FORUM?

I know it brought Cannach out of his castle, and there are others posting their views.

I'm FOR removing the NOTE and ending the HOME-BOY rule. I would like to see ALL the openings on the BOARD posted prior to DRAFT day so everyone has a shot at them by using their seniority as the deciding factor.

I'd also like to see the Water Safety Office do a better job of polling the membership and determining who is really coming back, who is planning on changing status, etc.

If we are going to DO away with back office deals we need to get everything out in the open. Maybe have penalties for not declaring your availability prior to the draft?

Anyway it's nice to see the ISSUES being discussed in an OPEN forum. Think your views through and articulate them here for ALL to see. Then maybe we can LEARN from all out talented lifeguards both YOUNG and OLD. Elected and NOT elected, Executive Board members or regular lifeguards alike.

Maybe even the Water Safety Office can weigh in on it?
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