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Voluntary Furloughs
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Post Voluntary Furloughs Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:25 am
James Rooney
It looks like last years voluntary furlough program actually helped get the 2009 lifeguard season off to a start with-out lay-offs or forcing senior lifeguards to still-water spots.

BUT- what happens this year when those furloughed lifeguards come back?

Will NEW lifeguards step up and make a sacrifice of furloughing and taking a "summer off"? Making room for other displaced lifeguards and younger lifeguards trying to save $$$$ for college?

At the last BRA meeting there was talk of allowing unlimited furloughs as it was so successful last season.

Problem is the Executive Board hasn't really addressed what your status will be as a furloughed lifeguard.

The rules were you come in and take and pass the rehire procedure. Fill out your paperwork and hopefully keep your CPR current by taking one of Frank Salino's classes. Technically your are ready to work, but have taken the summer off and given your SPOT to another lifeguard who "really needs the money!"

There was talk of allowing people to furlough with-out taking and passing the test. You also have the medical leave situation that addresses lifeguards who suffer a serious injury in the OFF-season and are forced to miss a season in order to recover.

These are issues that NEED to be addressed by our Executive Board. They are talking about settling the outstanding 2003-2007 contract to address pay and retro. They also need to look at the language of that contract and address these situations.

I spoke with Bruce Meirowitz back in July of 2009 about the furlough and medical leave lifeguards. There were about 30-40 senior lifeguards in this situation.

I asked him to get a clarification from NYSUT, and now as our NYSLC president I have re-ASKED him to contact our legal team in order to address this issue.

I am still waiting for an answer............It's not BIG BROTHER it's really just expecting him to act as anyone would expect a union president to Act?

Why would anyone step up and make that sacrifice of a voluntary furlough when the 20-30 guys who made it last year weren't taken care of?

Who's going to sacrifice their pay raises and retro pay if the Union doesn't protect their Rights?

I was told last year I couldn't be a member of the Union as I wasn't "ON the payroll" even though I showed up at Nassau and filled out my paperwork, took and passed the swim and run and took the classes given. I also took the CPR class to keep my certification current.

I hope NYSUT legal and our Executive Board can address this by this years re-hire?

Who's going to watch the Watchmen?

Yours in solidarity!
Post Re: Voluntary Furloughs Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:13 pm
James Rooney
Just a FEW lifeguard FACTS:

There were no Rookie lifeguards hired in 2009.

There are @ 33 lifeguard's on the seniority list from 2008.

There are @ 45 lifeguard's on the seniority list from 2007.

There are @ 33 lifeguard's on the seniority list from 2006.

Salaries at Jones Beach are:

Lifeguard 1 $12.56 an hour
Lifeguard 2 $15.14 an hour
Boatswain $17.41 an hour
Lieutenant $19.12 an hour
Captain $23.13 an hour

Any ideas out there on coming up with Budget Savings?
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