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Pay Raise and Retro pay!
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Post Pay Raise and Retro pay! Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:13 pm
James Rooney
The NYSLC is working with Albany to settle outstanding contracts. Our 2003-2007 contract will be addressed first and the 2007-2011 one will follow.

It was brought up at the meeting that You need to be on payroll to be eligible for any pay raises or retro. That means both pass the test and work a day. All those lifeguards who worked those 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 seasons but are gone now will be out of luck.

Another situation would be both medical leaves and voluntary furloughs. Hopefully the NYSLC and JBLC Executive Boards are working with NYSUT legal to address these issues?

Time will tell....I spoke with NYSLC President Bruce Mierowitz last summer in July prior to the Union elections about the 50 lifeguards that were effected for the 2009 season. From the looks of things there will probably be more lifeguards involved in the coming 2010 season.
Post Re: Pay Raise and Retro pay! Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:37 pm
Something that should be considered now by NYSLC but might be overlooked:

NY State is AGAIN omitting the Retro-pay for lifeguards who worked, but are no longer on the payroll. I actually had a conversation in the shack this past year with a few lifeguards, and I recalled that this was how they did the last retro we received (much to the disbelief of the other senior guys that were part of the conversation).

This is a deliberate strategy that has been used by the state. It saves them a lot of money. (I will illustrate below). And because they save a lot of money, they will continue to let our contracts expire, and go years without paying raises and retro, in the future. This same situation will happen again; VERY SOON. If our new contract ends in 2011(a very short two years from now) we will soon begin ANOTHER 5 -7 year wait for raises/retro.

I don't know what type of wording can be established in the current contract to prevent this occurrence. That should be a goal within negotiations. This is the main point I think should be considered. If they must pay ENORMOUS rates of interest, and/or penalties, on our FUTURE back pay, they will see that it is not a wise business decision, and they will not employ this strategy.

In this example below, I am only using 50 Lifeguards. I am sure there are many more. I am also using 8 weeks of full time work, Again this number is probably too low. You can see how quickly the dollars add up.

-50 LG’s worked in 2003, but did not return again.
-Lifeguards worked 8 weeks at 40 hours per week, therefore 320 hours per season.
-JBLC gets a 1 dollar per hour retro (just an example)
-Therefore each lifeguard has lost $320.
-Mulitply by 50 LG’s,
-NY State has just saved $16,000 per season, plus all the interest from 2003.
-Multiply that by 5 years, and you are looking at $80,000.

This is some food for thought. And believe me, the numbers I used are LOW. When you factor in realistic turnover, and realistic retro, that number could quadruple

One suggestion (Although this suggestion is not the main reason I write). Possibly there could be some wording that stipulates that all the money that the state 'saves' by not paying the inactive lifeguards retro pay, shall be tallied and paid as compensation to the active lifeguards, as a form of additional retro to us, and as a penalty to the state. The goal is NOT for us to recieve the inactive lifeguards' pay. The goal is to keep our raises/ retro current and timely in the future.

If NY State is not benefiting from delaying our raises/retro, then they will not do it.
Post Re: Pay Raise and Retro pay! Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:34 am
James Rooney
Nice POST "Team Fischer" !
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