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Post Bumping Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:03 pm
James Rooney
Here is the other item on the current Seniority Rules Discussion.

I know Tony mentions he'd like this rule changed , but let's really examine it.

If we basically allow Bumping the whole Draft will become a free for All. You could basically pick a beach you want and then bump the least senior member to get there. If you don't like it, you bump someone else the next year.

There are guys in the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps who bounce around throughout their long lifeguard career and never really find a spot they like. Making a move shouldn't be a musical chairs routine every season.

I think a big part of the bumping discussion concerns Officers who have their position eliminated or their Field closed. They must now hope another spot opens up. I think this rule needs to be used very carefully.

Another idea would be properly utilizing our Officers. I've pointed this out in a Post I made; where I think we need to go back to the System where each Beach has a Lieutenant in charge with 3 Boatswains to assist him. The Captains need to be formed into a unified Supervisory position where the work on making sure each beach is properly staffed and trained and equipped. Maybe have a central Lifeguard Captain's Office where they can hang out and discuss beach policy and work in unison with the Water Safety Office to make sure the beaches are safe and the Public is protected.

Getting the Captains back into a position where they hold the Ultimate authority on both Beach Policies and Water Safety would eliminate many of the petty acts of the Water Safety Office. Having Joe or Steve taking a walk over and trying to tell boatswains how many wings they need up or how many lifeguards are sitting. That is not their job, and if the Captains stepped in and handled this each beach could concentrate on their day to day operations.

We really need to re-assess the current officer staffing. Bumping I think wouldn't really come into play. In years past we've had officers agree to voluntarily make moves that were in the Best interests of the Corps.

We want to avoid demoting people, but we could shift spots. Move Lieutenants into open boatswain positions where they could retain their salary yet act as an officer filling out the fields compliment.

Each situation is different, but I think you need the NO Bumping rule, yet there will be isolated situations where you will need an officer to make the move in the best interests of the CORPS.

The bottom line is we need to look at what is best for the whole, not what is best for the individual.

Over the years I've seen a lot of ONE-WAY individuals out there who twist the rules to get what they want and the HELL with what is fair for their fellow lifeguards. Ultimately we all have to work together at each facility, these guys have earned their reputations over the years and problems always seem to follow them throughout their lifeguard careers. We'll get through this Issue and the 2010 lifeguard season will move forward as it always does.

Yours in solidarity; James Rooney
Post Re: Bumping Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:00 am
tony battisti

I'm not sure who you're referring to when you say Tony. If you were referriing to me, Tony Battisti, then I would like to clarify the record:

I DO NOT support either rule change that has been proposed. I would leave the "in-House" rule alone - it's been there for years; and, I am vehemently against "Bumping" and a complete re-draft.

Everyone should know that changes of this magnitude would never happen without a general membership vote; and, that won't happen until full-opening. The Executive Board and Beach Reps are trying to frame the issues and anticipate all of the consequences that might result if these changes were to be voted in. The general membrship will need that information in order to cast an informed vote. That's the plan.

Tony Battisti - EBHO
Post Re: Bumping Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:52 pm
James Rooney
The Tony I was referring to was Tony Vertuccio, he had commented on the proposed rule changes.

I know that Tony Battisti was given the job of drafting up the wording for a possible vote on the issue, but that vote was tabled at the last BRA meeting. Nothing can really be done till we see who is coming back, who takes the rehire, what the BUDGET is and what happens prior to the DRAFT.

SOS every year and we haven't even recieved the rehire papers yet.
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