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Order of the Drafts -Issued by WSO
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Post Order of the Drafts -Issued by WSO Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 5:40 pm

As you know, due to budget reductions and the operational changes for the 2009 season we are scheduling a displaced-draft for Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the West Bathhouse. All are welcome to attend. This draft will address displaced lifeguards only. This includes lifeguards who worked the 2008 season at West End II, Field 1, East Bathhouse Pool, Zach’s Bay and Heckscher State Park. The regular draft procedure for the remaining positions and any other position changes has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the West Bathhouse.

Important: In order to have an accurate indication of which positions are available, it is important that all lifeguards who wish to change their full time or part time status indicate their commitment for the 2009 season by June 11, 2009. Please contact your Captain or the Water Safety Office at 516-679-7210. (If your part time or full time status remains the same as last year, no contact is necessary.)

Please see the attached informational sheet for more information.

2009 Draft Order

PRIOR TO THE DRAFT (Before June 11th)

1. Any change of status, (full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time), with-in your field must be completed with YOUR CAPTAIN by June 11th. (5 years required)
• If you can not contact your Captain, please contact the Water Safety Office (WSO).
516-679-7210 or

2. If you do not qualify (Less than 5 years), or there are no open positions at your current work location, and you have to change your status from full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time. You will be placed “in the draft” and go where your Pick Number takes you on the June 20th regular draft. If you can not contact your Captain, please contact the WSO. 516-679-7210 or

3. Any Officer dropping down for the 2009 season must contact your Captain as per above.

DISPLACEMENT DRAFT June 13th, 6:30 West Bathhouse

1. Due to the closing of WE 2, Field 1 and the EBHP, and a shortened season for the Zach’s Bay and Heckscher Pool, we will have a “Displacement Draft”, June 13th, 6:30 west Bathhouse. All are welcome to attend. Those lifeguards affected will pick in order, to fill any open position on the board.
a. Based on your Officer Pick Number (OPN) and Lifeguard Pick Number (LPN)
i. If there is an open officer’s position on the board, it will be offered to any officer in-title, by OPN
ii. Part-time Lifeguard 2’s – Will pick to any open part-time position on he board.
Opening definitions:

• Open Positions – (blue dot on green blank) – Permanent Position.
• Temporary Part-time (Blue Dot on pink blanks), these positions are at WBHO (4), CM (2) and EBHO (2). They are in addition to the normal complement.
• Medical Leave – (Blue dot on green or white blank with Medical) you are in this position for the 2009 season, if the medical person returns, you go into the 2010 Draft. If the Medical Person does not return, you become permanent.
• Temporary Season Leave – (Green dot on Green or White blank) this position will follow the same protocol as Medical Leave.
• When all Part-time positions are filled, we will fill fulltime openings with two part-timers. These are temporary positions, with each lifeguard working either 2 or 3 days per week, not to exceed 40 hours for two lifeguards and 48 hours for three lifeguards. If need be, we can expand it to 3 lifeguards if staffing needs warrants it.

2. EBHP – Part-timers – You may move to any open still water facility with in the region based on your LPN. (you may also move to any open position at the regular draft)
3. Fulltime EBH Pool Lifeguards:
a. You may pick to any open still water fulltime position on the board at the displaced draft based on your LPN.
b. If none are available, you will be placed in the holding area, and pick in the regular draft based on your LPN.
4. Zach’s Bay and Heckscher Lifeguards:
a. You may move to any open still water position on the board based on your LPN at the displaced

REGULAR DRAFT June 20, 2009 West Bathhouse
Captains and Lieutenants @ 6:00
Regular Draft @ 6:30

1. Captains will be made prior to the draft.
2. Any officer in title, may do a mutual switch with another officer. (Captains first, followed by Lieutenants, then Bosn’s)
3. Current lieutenants move to any open positions.
4. New lieutenants will be made, ocean and still-water.
5. Current boatswains move to any open positions.
6. New boatswains will be made ocean and still-water.
a. Only lifeguard 2’s will be considered at this time
b. Once a still-water boatswain position is vacated, it will not be offered until all the ocean lifeguard positions are filled.

7. Move Lifeguard 2’s to any open position in LPN order.
8. Make still-water boatswains from existing lifeguard 2’s. Any vacant
Boatswain positions not fill by LG 2’s will be filled after full opening in a timely fashion.
9. Fill remaining open position, by LPN.

You are responsible to make sure that after a move is announced, that your name is placed in the newly drafted location on the BOARD.

****Part-time Positions: Two – 8 hour days. (Preferably weekend) In order to work a third day, you must work two – 10 hour days, Saturday and Sunday, and one 8 hour day during the week. Total not to exceed 28 hours per week.

ALL LIFEGUARDS ARE TO REPORT TO THEIR NEW ASSIGNMENTS ON FULL OPENING SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2009 or when the facility opens (Heckscher Pool) and this is also the date that all new promotions go into effect.

2009 draft changes -draft order.pdf [131.58 KiB]
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Post Re: Order of the Drafts -Issued by WSO Posted: Mon May 03, 2010 7:14 am
James Rooney
Hey the 2010 LIFEGUARD DRAFT is just around the corner.......Better get familiar with the OFFICIAL Rules!
Post Re: Order of the Draft 2010 Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 8:44 pm
Tom Donovan
Thanks for posting last years draft information.

This years draft is still at the discussion stage.

No decisions have been made regarding any aspect of the draft or staffing. When information does become available, I will be sure to pass it on to the corps.

Tom Donovan
Post Re: Order of the Drafts -Issued by WSO Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 12:22 pm
James Rooney
Has NYSUT's Labor Relations specialist made any comments on the legality of the Up and Down or Home-Boy rule?
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