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President Cornaccia's Message
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Post President Cornaccia's Message Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:57 am
Tom Donovan
Fellow Lifeguards,

On Monday, March 2nd, Derek Angermaier, Cary Epstein and myself met with NYS Parks represented by Chip Gorman, Joanne Wright and Sue Giuliani. This is the first of 3 meetings that we will have as the 2015 approaches. The discussions addressed the topics discussed at the BRA meeting held on February 24th, 2015. Overall the meeting was very informative and productive. Discussed at this meeting included the rehire dates which will be: May 9th, 19th, 27th and 28th. In my next post we will give you the times of the test along with the CPR dates. Some of the protocols from last year have changed slightly: Before taking CPR we will have to register on-line for your desired class date. You must pay for CPR on the day of your class. Lifeguards hired in the year of 2013 and forward must fill out a more detailed medical form requiring basic physical. Lifeguards who started before that year will fill out the same basic medical disclaimer as in past years. Both must be notarized.

There will be a new hire given this summer. The number of new hires depends on the number of non-returning lifeguards, medicals and approved leaves. The state was in agreement that the JBLC operating numbers currently are low. We hope to add on additional 12-14 lifeguards to the overall compliment this summer in order to provide the proper safety to the public.

Disappointedly WE II will not open this year and RM 4 will operate as it did last year.

There will be an air show this year along with the 4th of July fireworks display.

The JBLC requested from the state to allow and support the JBLC Tournament and the Inter Beach Races. We have submitted proposals for these events and are waiting for their reply.

The state has also committed to support and help fund the JBLC Tournament and Inter-beach Races (if approved) and possibly 3 JBLC competition events. For that, we thank them.

We were informed that the state has purchased 3 new kayaks and 6 rescue boards for the upcoming year. We also requested they inventory parts (plugs, handles leashes, etc) to expedite replacing broken equipment. They are working on Kabotas also, but were not very specific as to the outcome.

The discipline procedures introduced last year will remain. This is somewhat of a work in progress. So far it seems to be working, but there are possible situations that have not presented themselves yet. Sue Giuliani is retiring at the end of the this summer season and we wish her well.

Babylon is aware of our current situation regarding the 2% retro and the DRP money due to our members. They are not involved in the particulars that will remedy this situation but will report to Albany that it is a concern to both parties.

Hopefully we will have an update on the 2% retro and the DRP money at the next BRA meeting to be held on March 25th, 2015 at 1000 Woodbury Ave., Woodbury NY. We were given a brief update on the reconstruction projects currently going on at various state parks. Nobody is sure if they will be completed on time.

Robert Cornacchia,
President, Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps.
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