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CPR/AED 2011 FAQ'S for lifeguards and instructors.
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Post CPR/AED 2011 FAQ'S for lifeguards and instructors. Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 7:26 pm
Frank Salino
To All JBLG and CPR/AED Instructors,
The 2011 season has started and questions about CPR/AED have begun. I thought I would list a few of the frequently asked questions and post the answers to help the Corps understand what is happening this year.

1. When and where are the classes this year?

Monday, June 20-JB west bath meeting room (changed from 6/18)
Saturday, June 25-JB west bath meeting room
Monday, June 27- Hither Hills (new class - 6-9pm)
Wednesday, June 29-RM fld 4
Thursday, June 30-SM east
Wednesday, July 6-JB west bath meeting room
Saturday, July 9-JB west bath house meeting room

all classes start at 7:15 and end at 10:15 (except HH)

2. How much does it cost?

The price went up this year. It will cost $25. Please bring cash-no other payment method will be accepted.

3. Are there any changes this year?

Yes, the American Red Cross has made changes/updates this year. There is a new video, new test, new workbook, new manual and updated skills to teach and learn. All instructors must complete the update with the Red Cross in person or online. I will post the instructions here and we might be able to arrange an update just for JBLC instructors. But do not count on that happening-get the update completed ASAP.

4. I need a CPR/AED certificate to start the season-I do not have a current card, What do I do?

Go get certified. Call the American Red Cross, Nassau Chapter at
515 747-3500 and get in a CPR/AED for the Professional rescuer now. All of the cards issued by the JBLC are dated 7/11/11-7/11/12. We will not be able to issue any certificates with an earlier date. The system is now computerized, no chance to fake it. You can not work as a Jones Beach Lifeguard without a current certification. To take one of our classes, you must hold a current card with a 7/11/11 or later expiration date.

5. I am taking a medical or other furlough this year-do i need to take the CPR/AED class anyway?

Yes, if you get off cycle-you will not be able to take the classes with us next year. Everyone is encouraged to take the courses with us every year. You will stay on the correct cycle and will be paid for your 3 hours by the State of New York.

6. I have a two year certificate from AHA or ARC, is it good for both years?

Yes and No. It is good for two years in the real world, but New York State Employees required to have CPR training must get it every year. This is not a lifeguard policy or a Long Island policy, it is a New York State requirement. You need to get a new certificate every year.

7. Why are you such a jerk at the classes?

It is not easy to get JBLC members to sit in a room for three hours and pay attention to a video, or speaker.
It seems that many of our members find it very difficult to get to the instruction site on time, with cash, write legibly and participate in the classes. The classes start at 7:15 pm. YOU CAN NOT SIGN OUT AT YOUR FACILITY AT 7:15 AND ATTEND A CPR/AED CLASS THAT STARTS AT THE SAME TIME. You need to get there early enough to park in a legal spot, pay the $25 cash, fill out the information sheet and return the form. You will need to schedule an earlier time on the day you plan on attending a class.
It seems that many of our members find it difficult to be quiet and polite during a three hour course. I have no respect for any member who thinks they do not need to participate fully during the classes. It is a very important part of our job. When the public needs our help-we should be ready and able to provide the proper response. We train to stay in shape for the physical test each year, we demand the proper safety equipment, we ask the State of New York to pay us what we deserve-but some of us show up at the CPR/AED classes and find it difficult to be polite and learn the stuff we are required to know.
I become angry and upset because I take my lifeguard career seriously. I run theses classes because nobody else will. I have to sit through the class at least 8 times each season. This year I had to go to an update class and purchase the DVD, workbook and manual; I will need to study the new material, figure out what the best method of delivering it to you will be, make sure the other instructors are updated and organize the classes with each park manager, the water safety office, the red cross,..... So, I get pissy when some of our members do not behave at the classes. Sorry, but suck it up and get over it.

8. What class is the best to go to?

The one that you are able to dedicate the time and effort to. If you have another event that night and need to rush out- attend another class. You ned to be able to commit to the full three hours. I tried to offer classes on different days, different locations and mostly during full opening to accommodate as many members as possible-the best class to attend is the one that fits your schedule. The worst class to attend is always the last one- too many members wait and are forced to go to the last class. That class has been very crowded in past years.

9. What happens if I do not/ can not make one of the classes?

You will be terminated on 7/11/11 or whatever your expiration date is. Try to make one of our classes.

10- I already have a CPR/AED certificate, why should I take a class with the JBLC?

If you have an expiration date prior to 7/11/12, you should take a class with us so that you are on the correct cycle for next summer.

Thanks, I hope that helps. Have a safe and happy summer.

Frank Salino
Class of '78
Who Watches the Watchmen
Post Re: CPR/AED 2011 FAQ'S for lifeguards and instructors. Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 7:28 pm
Frank Salino
For all JBLC Instructors,

Here is the information about how get updated online. I am trying to get a class session for us, but it might not happen-try to get updated online ASAP and you can attend the session if it happens.

Attachment - CPR PRInstructor Update_LMS.pdf [87.59 KiB]
Downloaded 913 times

Frank Salino
Class of '78
Who Watches the Watchmen
Post Re: CPR/AED 2011 FAQ'S for lifeguards and instructors. Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:37 pm
Frank, You Rock! Thanks for putting up with the knuckleheads and doubly thanks for adding the HH class!
See you at the class. MR
Post Re: CPR/AED 2011 FAQ'S for lifeguards and instructors. Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:20 am
Frank Salino

It seems that every year our rookies/new hires are confused about the CPR/AED Policy and what they need to do. So please tell all of our new hires or returning lifeguards to read this.

YOU MUST HAVE A CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certificate to work as a lifeguard for the State of New York. You must get re-certified every year.

We offer six or more classes every year dated 7/11 to get re-certified on the clock.
This year it will cost you $25 cash only and three hours of your time to get the certificate with the 7/11 date.

Why should you take one of these classes?
Because the state will pay you for three hours of your time above and beyond your regular pay.
Because it is only $25 and most other providers charge way more.
Because you will be with other JBLC members and we will give some instruction that is customized for our system.
Because you will never forget the expiration date if you lived on Long Island. 7-11 is everywhere, it will act as a constant reminder.
Because if you get it on your own, and are not on the 7/11 cycle, you will never be able to jump in without doubling up in one year.

So, stop trying to square root a way out of taking it with us-JUST TAKE THE CLASS WITH US.


Frank Salino
Class of '78
Who Watches the Watchmen
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